Practice Quality Improvements

Chartrounds has qualified by the ABR to be a Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) project 

According to the maintenance of certification program as described by the American Board of Radiology 3 PQI projects are required spanning the period of 10 years.

However in order to qualify for the PQRS incentive program CMS states that:
A successful completion of a qualified Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program practice assessment must be done for each year the eligible professional participates in the MOC incentive, regardless of whether or how often the physician is required to participate in a MOC Program to maintain board certification.

A PQI project must:

1. Be relevant to your clinical practice

2. Include personal assessment of the individuals own results and

3. Include an improvement or action plan based on the participation in the program.

To get PQI credit through the chartrounds project you must:

1. Submit and present a case to the specialist during a live session and review clinical management and treatment fields and treatment plan of your patient.

2. Fill out the feedback form fully at the end of your session.

Participation by presenting a case (submit and present a case to the specialist during a live session and review clinical management and treatment fields of your patient's treatment plan) in 1 Chartrounds session will qualify you for one of the required PQI projects. By listening in only you will recieve CME credits but not credit toward a PQI project.  If you present your case without showing treatment fields you will not qualify for PQI credit.  After each session a feedback form is available to you. You must fill out the Feedback Form completely after each session to be eligible for either PQI or CME credit.  Your Feedback form will be stored in the members area. You can print it and file it as a hard copy or store it on the Chartrounds site. The ABR may require you to show documented proof of participation in a PQI project and this documentation will serve as your proof.  

There is an area on the feedback form which asks "How will you change your practice as a result of today's session?" In order to meet the standards set forth by the ABR you will be automatically asked 3 months after filling this out whether or not you actually made those changes in your practice.